Rules and conditions of usage

1. Web-site TELESPUTNIK – is electronic trading showcase, which is located in the Internet domain name:, according to SSL security standards to the body of electronic showcase is integrated protected programming modules, connected with processing centers of Latvian banks – through them with world finance system.

2. The user of web-site TELESPUTNIK – is an individual or legal person, who is studying products and using protected programming modules for paying for bought, from company owner of the Web-site, products or services.

2.1. LLC “Nika-Balt”, registered on 30th of August in 1993 in the register of Latvian businesses and companies, registration number is LV40103104410, is the owner and manager of the web-site

3. Web-site TELESPUTNIK gives the right to honest users to study issued products and services, their characteristics, products’ and services’ prices by using photo, video, audio and text information, which is integrated to the body of electronic trading showcase, in the web-site

4. Using Web-site TELESPUTNIK user agrees with rights and conditions of the Web-site TELESPUTNIK use.

5. Using Web-site TELESPUTNIK user agrees, that his personal information, in the protected way will be saved by the Web-site TELESPUTNIK, except information, which is connected with secret banking codes and banking passwords- these information through protected SSL connection electronically will be passed to processing centers of banks, to those banks, who, according to state law of Latvian Republic, have signed agreement of cooperation with owner of web-site.

6. Making order of the product – buying product or service, user of web-site agrees to get advertisement distribution of Web-site TELESPUTNIK via e-mail and (or) mobile phone, pointed in the payment order.

7. Web-site TELESPUTNIK is using service of advertisement company Google for showing graphic or text advertisement on the web-site’s pages. Company Google can use the information (except your name, address, and e-mail or telephone number) of your attendance of any web-site for advertising products or service, according to your interests.

8. In case of temporary disability of Web-site TELESPUTNIK, the delivery terms, guarantee obligations are saved during the inaccessibility period of Web-site TELESPUTNIK!

8.1. Web-site TELESPUTNIK warns, that Web-site TELESPUTNIK can be unavailable in the part of the Internet, which is administrated by providers, who are not connected with Web-site TELESPUTNIK by agreements and obligations, including force-majeure, such us breakdown of electronic elements of Web-site TELESPUTNIK or physical electronic elements, electronic device. Liability and limitation of liability:

9. User of Web-site TELESPUTNIK has full financial responsibility for content of published in the ordering form information, delivery addresses, and personal information of bought product’s recipient, also in paying forms and other, given to Web-site TELESPUTNIK and processing centers of financial institutes-banks, documents.

9.1. In case of breaking the rules of the Web-site TELESPUTNIK User of Web-site TELESPUTNIK has criminal and administrative responsibility for infallibility of full-filled electronic forms, before Web-site TELESPUTNIK, owner of the Web-site TELESPUTNIK, banking institutions (banks) and third party, according to legal system of Latvian Republic, author’s and economic rights, rights for trademarks and signs. Also in case of loss, unrest and inconvenience of third parties.

9.2. Company LLC “Nika-Balt” Reg: LV40103104410, registered on 30th of August in 1993, A/s Swedbank, konts: LV72HABA0551001046127 – at one time is administrator of Web-site and owner of Web-site TELESPUTNIK.

9.3. Company LLC “Nika-Balt” Reg: LV40103104410”, who is the owner of Web-site TELESPUTNIK is irresponsible for information of the products and services, located on the Web-site TELESPUTNIK and according to this current position declare, that characteristics of products and services can differ from declared because of the changes, for example on the part of producer of products and services. Web-site TELESPUTNIK and its owner company LLC “Nika-Balt” Reg: LV40103104410” – doesn’t sustain a loss or inconveniences, connected with the work of Web-site or doesn’t sustain a loss or inconveniences, connected with changes of products’ characteristics, located on the Web-site TELESPUTNIK.

Guarantee commitments:

10. Company LLC “Nika-Balt” Reg: LV40103104410”, who is the owner of Web-site TELESPUTNIK, according to guarantee commitments of products’ producers and services’ providers, according to European Union and Latvian Republic legal system, is irresponsible for guarantee repair concerning all sold products. Company LLC “Nika-Balt” Reg: LV40103104410” during its 16 years of experience, usually had been helping in every possible way in after-guarantee service of the product, at extra charge and as possible, also at its specially equipped repair workshop.

10.1 Address for reclamation and address of reapair workshop: Riga, Puškina iela 1, Latvija,

LV-1050, telephone: +371 67 212 583, E-mail: editor{at}

Changes of the rules and conditions:

11. The rules and conditions of Web-site’s TELESPUTNIK maintenance can be changed, added or corrected and become effective on the date of publishing on the web-site.

Date: 12.11.2009, Riga, LLC “Nika-Balt”, №: LV40103104410.

Company LLC “Nika-Balt” is the owner of trademark ТELESPUTNIK, and since 1993 have been operating in Latvia, Riga.