Albrecht AE 6491 CT
Albrecht AE 6491 CT

Albrecht AE 6491 CT

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Albrecht AE 6491 CT
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This radio is an advanced technology mobile CB transceiver. This High Tech CB radio combines the latest circuit design with microprocessor control system.  Very  easily  and  advanced  user  features  make  it  the  premier  radio  for  your mobile communications.

The following standard features are included

●Fully synthesized system with microprocessor
●Large & wide angle readout for multi-function display (STN technology)
●Two color choices by green and red color
●Full channels or memory channel scanning
●5 Channel Memories
●Automatic squelch control System (ASQ)
●CTCSS (38 tones)
●Instant access to channel 9 or 19
●AM/FM selection
●Single rotary knobs for channel, volume and squelch
●External speaker connector (3.5 mm mono) and coaxial antenna socket (SO-239)
●All metal cabinet andideal size for easy installation in dash mount.
●Easy RX/TX indication with two color LED.
●Supports all European CB-radio standards.

Frequecy 26.965-27.405 MHz
Channel Capacity 40
Modulation Modes AM/FM
Output Power 4 Watt AM / 4 Watt FM
Power supply 12/24 VDC
Weight 1900 g
Dimensions (H x W x D mm) 57 x 188 x 131
TRANSMITTER - Albrecht AE 6491 CT
Frequency accuracy better than +/- 100 Hz
Transmission power 4W
Adjacent channel power less than 20 μW
Microphone sensitivity more than 2.5 mV
FM frequency deviation less than 2.0 kHz
RECEIVER - Albrecht AE 6491 CT
FM sensitivity 0.5 μV for 20 dB SINAD
AM sensitivity 0.5 μV for 20 dB SINAD
Adjacent channel attenuation 40 dB
Audio output power 4 W with 8 ohm load
Auto Squelch sensitivity 0.5 μV

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